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50+ Years of Pioneering Solutions and Delivering Results

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A Legacy of Excellence in Real Estate
Evoque Equity is a distinguished real estate firm with a solid foundation of legacy, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Our experienced partners and senior management team possess diverse knowledge in marketing and leasing, capital investment, asset management, and development. We have consistently delivered outstanding results driven by the vision and values of our founding partners. We navigate the ever- evolving real estate landscape with innovation and agility, leveraging our partners’ extensive experience and network to uncover unique investment opportunities. We pride ourselves on our exceptional track record and dedication to maintaining high-performance standards, ensuring ongoing success.


Core Competencies

Our team of seasoned professionals possesses a diverse range of expertise, allowing us to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to our clients. Our key areas of expertise include:


We understand the process of entitling different projects. We have developed a seamless process to expedite the process. We understand the process of entitling different projects.

Joint Venture

We have created several successful JV partnerships in developing multi-family/mixed use, retail and industrial sites.


We understand historical requirements on properties and work with local municipalities in order to retain historic preservation while creating maximum value.


We have showcased our competence in developing and redeveloping properties to enhance their market competitiveness, as well as creating value through repositioning and adaptive reuse.


Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to successfully stabilize properties through effective management, tenant retention, and strategic marketing.


We have been able to successfully manage our different properties as well as work with different property management companies.


Acquiring properties with great potential and implementing a well-planned development or stabilization strategy is crucial to our business success.



Multi-Family/Mixed Use, Retail, Industrial



Evoque Equity partners and senior management team bring together extensive knowledge and proficiency in various fields, including real estate, finance, branding, investment, development, and property management. By establishing a well-defined and compelling vision for the future, our partners have inspired a culture of excellence and enthusiasm within our team. This dedication to excellence and passion for our work has fueled a remarkable upward trajectory, paving the way for continued success.

Founder & Managing Partner

Dilip Bhavnani

Founder & Managing Partner

Parham Yedidsion